SWASH™ – Express Clothing Care

Creable collaborated closely with P&G and Whirlpool Corporation, to create the visual brand identity for SWASH™, a revolutionary at-home clothing care system that reduces wrinkles, refreshes fabric, restores the fit lost after wear and preserves clothing, in just ten minutes with the push of a button. The SWASH™ system, designed to fit into a living space such as a bedroom or closet, allows people to reduce or eliminate ironing, save on dry cleaning and better care for and preserve clothes – even hard to care for favorite pieces.
The visual identity of the SWASH brand needed to reflect this new technology, while capturing these companies’ leading laundry care brands, Tide and Whirlpool, coming together. Our design language is based on communicating smart fluidity through contrasts: crisp and smooth, sharp angles with smooth gradients.
Swash Phase2_2
Swash Phase2_3
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The SWASH Pack and PODS are packaged in matte black with a metallic sheen undertone, hinting at the magic Tide works within the machine. The SWASH ’S’ logo mark is iconically embossed and highlighted in a gloss varnish.

SWASH™ | How it Works

SWASH™ | What Is It?

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