Do Influencers Want to Work With You?

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Companies often wonder if Influencer Marketing will work for them. Often the answer to this question ultimately comes down to creating an offer for Influencers that's actually compelling. If they want to work with you, Influencer Marketing will work for you.

So what do Influencers actually care bout when working with Brands?

1. Brand Alignment: The Heart of the Matter

Influencer marketing pivots on one core principle: brand alignment. It's about more than just aesthetics; it's a matter of identity. Influencers meticulously curate their online persona and won't associate with brands that don't fit their mold. They want their collaborations to feel natural, not like a sales pitch.

2. Target Audience Relevance: The Success Mantra

An influencer's audience is their kingdom, and they rule it wisely. They won't risk disturbing their followers with irrelevant brand promotions. Brands that resonate with their audience and fit seamlessly into their content stand a chance at scoring a partnership.

3. Engagement and Reach: Numbers Matter

Contrary to what some might think, it's not all about the size of the audience; it's about the connection. Influencers want their content to drive engagement. If a brand can help increase their reach or visibility, they're likely to be in the running for a collaboration.

4. Type of Cooperation: Show Me the Money

When it comes to collaboration models, influencers have clear preferences. Cash payments are universally loved. Small influencers might bite the bait for product-only deals, while larger ones wouldn't be caught dead accepting such offers. As for affiliate deals, let's just say they are not the crowd favorite (everyone hates them).

5. Brand Reputation: No Room for Bad Press

Reputation matters, and influencers won't touch brands with a ten-foot pole if they're associated with negative press or poor customer reviews. They value their credibility too much to gamble it away.

6. Creative Freedom: Unleashing Authenticity

Influencers are creators at heart. They don't want to be mere puppets echoing a brand's narrative. Brands that respect their creative freedom and let them weave their own story around the product usually win brownie points.

7. Previous Collaborations: Past is Prologue

Influencers remember. If a brand has left a positive impression through previous collaborations, they are likely to be on the influencer's radar for future partnerships.

8. Long-term Potential: In for the Long Haul

Influencers appreciate stability and ongoing collaboration opportunities. Brands that offer potential for long-term partnerships often outshine those offering one-time deals.

9. Ethical Considerations: Walking the Talk

With consumers becoming more conscious of ethical considerations, influencers are also stepping up their game. Brands with a strong record of environmental responsibility, inclusivity, and social impact often make the cut.

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