The Pros, Cons, and Tips for Working with Nano-Influencers: A Complete Guide

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At Creable, we've observed an increasing interest in working with nano-influencers among brands seeking to create authentic and engaging content. While these smaller-scale creators offer unique advantages, they also present certain challenges. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the pros, cons, and tips for working with nano-influencers and help you decide if they are the right choice for your brand.


  1. Higher Engagement Rates
    Nano-influencers often boast higher engagement rates than their larger counterparts, as their followers typically consist of close friends, family, and loyal fans. This can result in a greater impact on audience behavior and better campaign results.
  2. Authenticity
    Nano-influencers are known for their authenticity and genuine connections with their audience, which can lead to a more convincing promotion of your brand.
  3. Niche Targeting
    By working with nano-influencers, you can hone in on niche target markets that may be more aligned with your brand's products or services.
  4. Easier Initial Contact (Often Overlooked)
    Nano-influencers are often more approachable due to less cluttered inboxes and a greater openness to collaboration opportunities, making them a viable choice for brands seeking to connect with creators.


  1. Limited Reach
    One of the major drawbacks of working with nano-influencers is their limited reach, which can affect the overall impact of your campaign.
  2. Time-Consuming
    Management Managing multiple partnerships with nano-influencers can be time-consuming and lead to increased administrative costs.
  3. Variable Content Quality and Professionalism
    Nano-influencers may lack the experience and professionalism of larger influencers, which can lead to inconsistent content quality and potential communication challenges.
  4. Budget Allocation for Admin and Media
    When working with nano-influencers, more budget needs to be allocated for administrative costs, but less for media. To increase efficiency, combine nano influencer content with paid social ads. This combination can result in engaging, high-quality content from creators and cheap paid social reach, ultimately leading to extremely high campaign performance.


  1. Carefully Assess Nano-Influencers
    Before partnering with nano-influencers, carefully assess their content quality, engagement rates, and audience demographics to ensure they align with your brand's goals.
  2. Allocate an Appropriate Budget
    Consider both the financial and administrative costs of working with nano-influencers when allocating your budget to ensure campaign efficiency.
  3. Set Clear Guidelines and Expectations
    Prepare for potential challenges in professionalism by setting clear guidelines and expectations for your collaborations.
  4. Use an Influencer Marketing Platform
    To streamline the process of working with nano-influencers, leverage an influencer marketing platform like Creable that can help you find, manage, and analyze your influencer partnerships.


Working with nano-influencers can be both rewarding and challenging. To make the most of your collaborations, focus on finding authentic and engaging creators while carefully considering the potential drawbacks and additional costs. By following our tips and leveraging a platform like Creable, you can successfully navigate the nano-influencer landscape and achieve your marketing goals. And remember, size isn't everything - it's how you use it that counts!

Now, go forth and conquer the world of nano-influencers!

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