Case Study * Europa Park * Case Study * Europa Park

    Case Study * Europa Park * Case Study * Europa Park

    Case Study * Europa Park * Case Study * Europa Park

    Case Study * Europa Park * Case Study * Europa Park

Dieter Borer image

Dieter Borer

Country Manager Switzerland & Austria @ Europa-Park

Introduction and Challenge

Located in Rust, Germany, Europa-Park has long been a favorite destination for thrill-seekers and families alike. As their popularity grew in neighboring Austria, the Europa-Park Marketing Team Switzerland & Austria set an ambitious goal: to contact as many Austrian influencers as possible, make them aware of Europa-Park, and encourage them to promote the park to their audiences.

Solution & Implementation

Their solution? Influencer marketing. However, identifying and connecting with the perfect influencers was no small feat. That's when they discovered Creable, a powerful influencer marketing software with rave reviews. Creable's in-depth insights, audience demographics, and fake-follower analysis would make it easy for Europa-Park to pinpoint the best Creators for their campaign.

The Marketing Team Switzerland & Austria at Europa-Park quickly embraced Creable, with 75% of the team using it daily to find and contact influencers. They reached out to 3,000 influencers, achieving an impressive 90% open rate, and 50% of the influencers expressed interest in collaborating.

As they began inviting Austrian influencers to experience the park, their target audience was captivated by the influencers' shared moments and adventures. Influencers posted various types of content, such as Instagram stories, Instagram Reels, TikTok stories, and TikTok videos, depending on the package they received.

Results & Future Plans

The influencer marketing campaign successfully reached a large number of Austrian influencers, raising awareness about Europa-Park and encouraging them to promote the park through their content. This increased exposure contributed to a greater understanding of Europa-Park's offerings among their target audience.

Looking forward, Europa-Park plans to continue expanding their influencer marketing campaigns to other regions and demographics, ensuring even more people can experience the magic of Europa-Park.