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Creable is your go-to platform for everything Influencer Marketing. The fake follower checker is a sneak peek of what our tools can do for you, in this case allowing you to assess Instagram profiles and gain immediate insights into their follower quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "fake follower" mean?

A fake follower refers to an account made for purposes other than genuine Instagram activity. Such accounts might be designed to boost likes or follower counts, send spam, or gather data on other users. These accounts aren't your intended audience.

How can you identify if an influencer has fake followers?

We use a multi-point checklist, focusing on comment quality, engagement consistency, and profile completeness. If any red flags pop up, we mark those followers as likely fakes. This helps ensure you're connecting with a real audience.

What's the typical percentage of fake followers on Instagram?

It varies for each account. Those with a vast and older follower base tend to have a higher fake follower percentage than those with fewer followers. A rate above 25% might indicate deceptive practices.

Is it advisable to collaborate with influencers who have fake followers?

Every influencer will have a certain number of inauthentic followers. It's essential to concentrate on the genuine followers that align with your target demographic. For example, an influencer with a 25% fake follower rate might still have 500,000 genuine followers, with 75% fitting your target location, age group, and gender, and strong engagement. We recommend to simply ask the Influencer or their Manager to completely deduct the fake followers from the final bill. As long as you only pay for real reach, there's no issue with Influencers having fake followers.

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