Influencer Messenger

Streamline Communication by Directly Contacting Influencers Within Creable

Creable's Influencer Messenger lets you contact influencers directly within the platform, ensuring a streamlined and efficient communication process. No more switching between multiple apps or email clients—manage all your influencer conversations in one place.

Key Features of Creable's Influencer Messenger

Direct Contact

Message influencers directly within Creable.

Professional Email

Send emails using your custom business-Creable email.

Organized Chats

Access and manage all your influencer communications in one place.

Team Collaboration

Share conversations with your team and delegate tasks easily.

Intuitive Interface

Enjoy a user-friendly experience designed for efficient workflow.

Why Choose Creable’s Influencer Messenger?

Communication Hub

To assist with influencer outreach, you can easily share attachments like campaign briefs, brand assets, and contracts with influencers. File sharing via the Influencer Messenger ensures all campaign assets are easily accessible within the platform.

Centralized Chat Management

The Influencer Messenger logs all your chats, keeping all your influencer communications organized and easily accessible. Whether you need to refer back to a previous conversation or manage multiple influencer interactions, everything is right there.

Seamless Team Collaboration

Easily share conversations with your team or delegate chats during absences. Creable's intuitive interface supports smooth collaboration, ensuring that your team can easily pick up where you left off without missing any detail.

Professional Communication with Built-In Email Functionality

With Creable, you can email influencers directly from the platform using your custom business-Creable email. This ensures a professional appearance and a higher domain reputation, which leads to better response rates.

Designed for Intuitive Use

Creable's Influencer Messenger is built with user experience in mind. The straightforward, easy-to-use interface ensures a smooth workflow and rapid adoption across your team.

Ready to Simplify Influencer Communication?

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Creable Influencer Messenger FAQs

What is Creable Influencer Messenger?

Creable Influencer Messenger is a built-in chat feature that allows brands to communicate directly with influencers within the Creable platform.

Can I contact influencers directly through Creable?

Yes, you can directly contact influencers within Creable, streamlining your communication process.

How does the built-in email functionality work?

Creable allows you to send emails to influencers using your custom business-Creable email, ensuring professional and effective communication.

Can I share files through Creable Influencer Messenger?

Yes, Creable Influencer Messenger allows secure file sharing within the platform.

Can I manage all my influencer chats in one place?

Absolutely. Creable's Influencer Messenger centralizes all your chats, making it easy to manage and refer back to previous conversations.

How does Creable support team collaboration?

You can share conversations with your team and delegate chats, ensuring seamless collaboration and maintaining consistent communication with influencers, no matter who's handling the conversation.

Is the Influencer Messenger easy to use?

Yes, Creable's interface is designed to be straightforward and intuitive, ensuring a smooth workflow.