Influencer Post Tracking & Campaign Reporting

Track Influencer Posts and Access Detailed Campaign Reports in Real-Time

Creable's Influencer Post Tracking and Campaign Reporting tools provide you with insights and analytics to monitor the performance of your Influencer Marketing campaigns. With Creable, you can track influencer posts in real-time, measure engagement, and generate detailed reports to evaluate campaign success.

Key Features of Creable's Post Tracking and Reporting

Automated Tracking

Experience real-time tracking of results with Creable’s fully automated system. Simply add your post’s URL and Creable tracks the performance instantly.

Unlimited Post Tracking

Monitor an unlimited number of posts across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Creable ensures that no post goes untracked, giving you a complete view of your campaign’s impact.

Audience Insights

Gain deeper insights into the demographics and sentiment of the audience engaging with your influencer posts. Understand who is interacting with your content and tailor your strategies to better reach your target market.

Key Metrics

Creable captures all essential metrics, providing a detailed overview of how each post is performing. Track key metrics such as views, likes, comments, interaction rate, CPM, reached audience countries, gender, audience age, sentiment analysis, and top comments to gain immediate insights into your campaign's performance.

Detailed Reporting

Creable compiles all relevant data into comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports, giving you a clear picture of your campaign's success without the manual effort.

Performance Analysis

Analyze the performance of each influencer and their posts to determine which strategies are most effective. Use these insights to optimize future influencer campaigns.

Maximize ROI

Every data point on Creable is optimized to inform decisions that maximize your campaign's return on investment. Turn insights into action and enhance your campaign strategies effectively.

Collaboration Tools

Share reports and insights with your team effortlessly. Creable’s platform supports team collaboration, ensuring everyone is informed and aligned on campaign performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Creable’s Influencer Post Tracking feature?

Creable’s Influencer Post Tracking feature allows you to monitor influencer posts in real-time across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, capturing key engagement metrics and providing immediate insights into your campaign performance.

How does Creable help with campaign reporting?

Creable automates the reporting process by compiling all relevant data into comprehensive reports. These reports offer a detailed overview of your campaign’s success, making it easy to evaluate performance and inform future strategies.

Why should I Choose Creable for Post Tracking and Reporting?

Creable ensures that you have the most accurate and up-to-date data at your fingertips. Creable’s real-time tracking and detailed reporting provide reliable insights to guide your marketing strategies. By automating tracking and reporting, you can save valuable time and concentrate on optimizing your campaigns and achieving better results.

Which metrics can I track?

You can track various metrics including views, likes, comments, interaction rate, CPM, reached audience countries, gender, audience age, sentiment analysis, and top comments.

Does Creable provide audience insights?

Yes, Creable provides detailed audience insights, helping you understand the demographics and sentiment of those engaging with your influencer posts.

How accurate is the data from Creable’s tracking tools?

Creable ensures high accuracy and reliability in its data, offering real-time tracking and up-to-date insights for performance analysis.

How many posts can I track with Creable?

There are no limitations on post tracking. You can track an unlimited number of posts via Creable.

Can I share reports with my team?

Yes, Creable supports seamless team collaboration, allowing you to share reports and insights easily with your team members.

Can I download reports?

Yes, you can easily download campaign reports as PDFs.

Can I try Creable’s tracking and reporting feature before committing?

Yes, you can start a free 14-day trial to experience Creable’s powerful post tracking and reporting capabilities firsthand.