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Find out how much you should pay influencers for collaborations and content buyouts on YouTube. Get estimated YouTube influencer rates for YouTube videos (long-form) and YouTube Shorts, based on performance analytics—not just followers—all with just a few clicks.

Why Use Creable's YouTube Influencer Pricing Calculator?

Find YouTube Influencer Prices in Just a Few Clicks!

Creable’s YouTube Influencer Pricing Calculator provides estimated influencer pricing to help you negotiate and set your Influencer Marketing budget. Try it now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Creable's YouTube Influencer Pricing Calculator?

Creable's YouTube Influencer Pricing Calculator is a free, easy-to-use tool designed to help brands determine how much to pay influencers for collaborations and content buyouts on YouTube. It provides estimated influencer rates based on a variety of factors such as average views, engagement rate, audience purchasing power, Social Media Platform, and content format.

How Does Creable’s YouTube Influencer Pricing Calculator Work?

  1. Enter Influencer's Username: Provide the YouTube username/account handle of the influencer you are interested in collaborating with.
  2. Content Buyouts: Select if you want to include content buyout rates in the pricing.
  3. Get Estimated Rates: Instantly see the influencer’s pricing estimates for different content formats based on the average views, engagement rate, and audience purchasing power.

What is an influencer content buyout?

An influencer content buyout refers to an agreement where a brand purchases the rights to use the influencer’s content across various channels (e.g., ads, Social Media, website) for a specified period.

How do you calculate Influencer Pricing?

We use multiple data points to calculate influencer rates. We take into account the Social Media Platform and content format, average views, engagement rate, and audience purchasing power.

How do you calculate pricing for influencer content buyouts?

We take into account the number of followers an influencer has, the number of channels you want to buy out the content for (e.g., ads, Social Media, website), and the duration of the content buyout. For example, if the content of an influencer with 500k followers on YouTube is needed for 2 channels for 3 years, the buyout price calculation would be:

Buyout Fee = (Total Number of Subscribers ÷ 100,000) × Rate per 100k Subscribers × Number of Channels × Duration in Years

(500,000 ÷ 100,000 ) × $1,000 × 2 × 3 = $30,000

Is the YouTube Influencer Pricing Calculator free?

Yes, Creable's YouTube Influencer Pricing Calculator is completely free to use.

How do I find out how much an influencer charges for a YouTube video?

You can use Creable's YouTube Influencer Pricing Calculator to find out an influencer's estimated rates for different types of content, including YouTube videos (long-form) and YouTube Shorts. Simply enter the influencer's YouTube username, and get an instant estimate.

However, note that these would be estimated prices. Reach out to influencers via email, DM, or directly through Creable, with Creable’s estimated pricing in mind. Tell them about your brand, campaign objectives, and why you want to work with them. After that, you can request pricing information from them. Be specific about what you need, like the number of posts and type of content, duration of the campaign, etc. This helps the influencer give you a better price idea.

What factors affect influencer pricing?

Several factors affect how much an influencer charges. This includes the influencer’s follower count, reach, engagement rates, audience purchasing power, niche or industry, content format, content quality, campaign type, and duration of the campaign. Additionally, the influencer's reputation, expertise in the niche, geographic location, and complexity of the campaign can also affect the price. The final price is a combination of all these factors.

Are the influencer pricing results 100% accurate?

The influencer pricing results provided are estimates based on comprehensive data analysis of factors such as average views, engagement rates, and audience purchasing power. While our estimates are generally accurate, there can occasionally be abnormalities that lead to deviations. If an influencer's pricing is significantly higher than our estimate, we recommend carefully evaluating whether paying above the market rate is justified.

We suggest using Creable’s estimated influencer pricing as a baseline for initial shortlisting and then reaching out to influencers directly to obtain 100% accurate pricing.

How can Creable’s YouTube Influencer Pricing Calculator benefit my brand?

Creable's YouTube Influencer Pricing Calculator helps brands make informed decisions about influencer pricing for YouTube collaborations across various content formats.

With this tool, you can evaluate the efficiency of your existing influencer pricing. For example:

  • If you pay $70k for an YouTube influencer and the calculator shows $50k, it suggests an overpayment or premium for the influencer's goodwill.
  • If you pay $40k and the calculator shows $50k, it indicates a negotiation or underpayment opportunity.

These metrics help you understand whether you are overpaying or underpaying in your current YouTube influencer campaigns.

If you are planning to work with influencers, with the pricing estimates provided, you can figure out how much to pay an YouTube influencer for a collaboration and negotiate accordingly. This helps you decide which influencers to collaborate with and set a budget that fits your business goals. For example, if the estimates are below what you budgeted for, you can explore working with additional influencers or allocating those funds to other marketing areas. This can lead to more successful influencer partnerships and a better return on your Influencer Marketing investment.

Is the content buyout included in influencer pricing?

Yes, if selected, the content buyout will be included in the influencer pricing.

Can I use the pricing calculator for multiple YouTube influencers?

Yes, you can use the calculator for multiple YouTube influencers. Each search will provide you with custom pricing estimates based on the specific influencer’s data.

Does the Pricing Calculator show the breakdown of costs?

Yes, the YouTube Influencer Pricing Calculator will show a detailed breakdown of prices. For instance, if the total influencer price is $10,000, you will see $3,000 for influencer pricing and $7,000 for the content buyout, this is just an example, you will see the breakdown based on the factors you’ve specified.

Can I adjust variables such as CPM?

Yes, you can adjust variables like CPM to calculate influencer pricing. The formula is: (Views x CPM) + (Buyout Cost). This flexibility allows you to use the CPM provided by the influencer to refine the pricing estimate.

Can I use Creable’s Influencer Pricing Calculator for different Social Media Platforms?

Absolutely. Creable's Influencer Pricing Calculator supports multiple platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. This allows you to get accurate pricing estimates for various content formats across each platform. You can use our Influencer Pricing Calculator as a guideline to estimate what you should pay for content from influencers.

Does follower count impact the cost of influencer content buyout?

Yes, an influencer's follower count impacts the cost of buying out their content. Influencers with larger following generally command higher rates for content buyouts. Brands are willing to pay a premium for influencers with high follower counts because it increases the potential reach and exposure for their product or service. For example, an influencer with 1 million followers would charge significantly more for a content buyout than an influencer with only 10,000 followers.

How much should I budget for Influencer Marketing?

The budget for Influencer Marketing varies depending on several factors, including the scope of your campaign, the influencers you choose, and the Social Media Platforms you use. Creable’s Influencer Pricing Calculator provides a good starting point by giving you an idea of individual influencer costs for YouTube, YouTube, and YouTube, which you can then use to estimate your overall Influencer Marketing budget.

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